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Saturday, April 25, 2015

Tamil Siddha medicine for kidney stone Treatment

This is Tamil Siddha medicine for kidney stone. Kidney stones are mineral salt stones which are generally passed through urination. Urine contains natural matter which can easily dilute these minerals and wash it off from the body. It prevents the solidity of the minerals. But if our body gets dehydrated then it is difficult to dilute these minerals and they take a form of crystals. The kidney stones can cause sharp and shooting pain in stomach.  Most common reasons for kidney stone are dehydration, urinary tract infection etc. Siddha and ayurvedic medicine for kidney stone have no side effects. Kerala ayurvedha and Himalaya ayurvedic medicine for kidney stone is very popular in India for stone removal .
Kidney stone Tamil maruthuvam remedy

Ayurvedic medicine for kidney stone removal using Figs:  figs are supposed to be the very good remedy to cure kidney stones. Boil 2-3 figs in a glass of water and drink the warm water every morning before eating anything else. This remedy will show remarkable effects on kidney stones
Tamil kidney stone treatment using Tulsi leaves:  the medicinal properties of tulsi leaves are effective in many health ailments. Mix fresh tulsi leaves juice with honey and consume it daily morning to fight against kidney stone. Chew some tulsi leaves daily to dilute and remove kidney stones from your urinary tract

Tamil medicine for kidney stone Water melon treatment: the fruit is loaded with water and potassium which makes it beneficial for kidney functioning. It is helpful to balance acid levels in urine. Drink fresh water melon juice daily or eat a large piece of watermelon daily to dilute and wash out kidney stones from the kidney.

Celery for kidney stone: the consumption of celery can remove harmful toxins from the body which can be the main reason for formation of kidney stones.

Tomato juice for kidney stome: it is one more useful remedy to dilute mineral salt stones in kidney and solve the problem of kidney stones.  Drink fresh tomato juice with salt and pepper on empty stomach. Within few weeks you can find positive results.

Drink plenty of water: Dehydration is one of the causes of kidney stones. So drink plenty of water which can flush out the minerals from your urine easily and prevent the formation of the same.

Whole wheat bread: it is loaded with magnesium, fiber and other proteins. Those who eat slices of whole wheat bread daily, have very low possibility of formation of kidney stones.

Kidney beans: these are very beneficial for any type of kidney problem. After removing the beans from the shell, boil the shells in water until they turn supple and tender. Filter the mixture and bring it to the room temperature. Drink this water thrice a day for few weeks to treat kidney stones effectively.

Lemon juice: the citric acid present in lemon juice can dissolve calcium based stones. Daily drink a glass of fresh lemon juice twice a day for better effects.

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